Al Alamia International Manpower Services

Terms and Conditions

Jobseekers are advised to exercise due diligence in accepting job offers. They are also advised to verify any information provided by this site to ensure its accuracy.

Jobseekers agree that any personal information released to employers through ALALAMIA.PH is given voluntarily with full understanding that it may be accessible to any user of the site. They also agree to be responsible for the accuracy of any personal information they make available to or through the site and agree further that ALALAMIA.PH shall not be held liable in any manner in connection with the personal information they have made available through the site.

Jobseekers agree to use ALALAMIA.PH or any information accessed through or found within the site for personal, employment-seeking, and lawful purposes.

The jobseeker may also choose to submit his résumé to ALALAMIA.PH in response to any advertised job opportunity or for the said résumé to be stored in the site's résumé databank. Jobseekers have the option to show or hide his résumé in the databank. The jobseeker's résumé will be stored in the databank for a pre-determined period of time unless the jobseeker chooses to delete it.

A jobseeker's résumé or personal information will only be available to registered employers. Should any of the said employers choose to have a copy of the résumé, ALALAMIA.PH will not be responsible or held liable in any way if the employer uses the jobseeker's personal data for any purpose other than consideration for employment.


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