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AL-ALAMIA INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER SERVICES, thru its twelve (12) branches all over the Philippines, has an access to the world of work-abroad aspirants for all trades and professions: Hospital & Medicine, Engineering and Construction, Hotels and Restaurants, Factory and Manufacturing, and even Household Service Workers.
Management and Staffs work hand-in-hand to conduct and facilitate the following services in the most efficient, reliable and legal way to ensure clients’ satisfaction:

TV/Radio Ads, Newspaper Ads, and other print ads like Posters, Flyers and Leaflets announcing Job Opportunities, Compensation Packages, Country of Workplace/Jobsites, Principals’ Company Name, Interview Schedules and other important details are disseminated in strategic locations to invite interested individuals to come and apply.

Special Recruitment Activities (SRA), Job Fairs, Regular and Occasional Interview Schedules in Branch Offices and Special Interviews with the Foreign Principal/Representatives are the main methods of initiating the market to gather applicants.

Pre-qualified applicants’ resume/bio data are stored in our computerized and manual database system, updated regularly, to be available at all times for future reference and usage. This saves the principal a lot of time, money and energy in finding the right person for the manpower required.

Qualified applicants will be subjected for FINAL INTERVIEW, then to the General Medical Examination (including Psychological Testing), and further, to the required Trade Test and/or Training (if any). Knowledge and skills accumulated from previous employment or experiences are recognized and put to test to make sure that the applicants’ physical and mental condition, and his/her capability are suited for the position or trade he/she prefers.

Professional, experienced and versatile staffs/consultants will assist the applicant in the process of documentation. AL-ALAMIA has its designated officers in different private and government institutions and offices to do the legal transactions such as Visa Stamping, POEA processing, Document Authentication, and all others.

Philippines Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (OWWA), thru its accredited Private Institution, provide prior knowledge on the culture, traditions, and language of the country they are going to work in. Other relevant issues are also discussed during the seminar to avoid possible problems during the length of work period. Some of these issues are: work ethics, professionalism, interpersonal relations, rights, privileges and obligations, saving and proper budgeting, etc.

Deployment schedules are carefully examined. Flight bookings are made at the earliest possible time. Anything that would possibly cause delay are thoroughly studied and given preventive actions accordingly. Final briefings are conducted earlier on the day of the flight. Instructions are given as per applicants’ destination and work category. Departing applicants shall be assisted to the airport, guided and monitored until they get on board. Flight details will then be forwarded to the overseas counterpart as reference in getting the arriving workers in their respective country of destination.


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